leslie tayne

To begin Financial Literacy Month on SheVentures, who better than Leslie Tayne to discuss one of America’s biggest financial problems: debt, a $14.6T reality for American households.

Leslie Tayne always knew she wanted to be a lawyer despite her father warning her when she started 20 years ago that it truly was a boys club.

She tried many facets of the law before she pivoted to what became her passion — as in-house counsel to a debt company.

Today, The Tayne Law Group is changing the face of debt resolution law. Her mission is to create a more constructive way of handling debt resolution. Tayne is well respected as someone who focuses on the solution and how to educate and engage her clients.

Tayne’s “open door” policy encourages her clients to consult with her team before taking a financial action they may regret later — such as student loan and credit card debt, decisions on major purchases like buying a new car, or taking out a mortgage. With a focus on financial wellness and working with their clients as a team, Tayne’s group points clients in the right direction, even if it’s outside their practice. She wants to do what is in their best financial interest.

Listen to find out what actionable steps you should take if you find yourself in seemingly insurmountable debt — facing unemployment, the unexpected positives of COVID-19, and the truth behind debt consolidation myths on this episode of SheVentures.