diane lifton

With more than 25 years in the life sciences, lawyer Diane Lifton is a huge proponent of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and communities.

Witnessing how incredibly hard her mother worked to balance raising children with returning to law school, Lifton credits this experience to her own genesis of hard work and advocating for others. 

Lifton spent two decades as a partner in two top-tier East Coast law firms. She pivoted from partner to in-house counsel and today is senior vice president, legal, at Sumitovant Biopharma in New York City, where she continues to champion diversity in the life sciences and in the workplace. With a seat on the board of World Connect, and as a volunteer at Goddard Riverside Community Center in Manhattan, she is putting her beliefs into practice to help eradicate food insecurity and support women and girls worldwide.

On this episode of SheVentures, discover tips for getting vaccinated from someone in the field, what it takes to become a partner in a law firm while balancing competing demands, and how women and girls can advocate for themselves and others.