Star Wars Day – aka May the Fourth Be With You – is possibly one of my absolute favorite days of the year. It’s not just the cosplay and the lightsaber fights or remembering Carrie Fisher that makes it great. There’s free stuff, too!

I’ve compiled a list of all the best deals and freebies you can take advantage of on May the Fourth and what you gotta do to make it happen.

1. Star Wars Pen & Journal from Cross

I’m not just a Star Wars nerd. I also own my own business, and I love purchasing notepads and pens. So Cross’s Star Wars notebook and pen set naturally has me drooling. Yes, the pens are impractically expensive, but just look at them! Use code SWM4NA, and with every purchase of $75 or more, you’ll receive the notebook for free. Overall, it’s a $45 value – that’s two tanks of gas for me!

May the Fourth Be With You: 10 Sweet Star Wars Savings Hacks2. Your Local Zoo/Aquarium

I’ve looked through some of the major zoos listed in America, and most of them are offering a few bucks off admission or a free gift inside the facility when you costume up. Dawn a Leia Endor costume or dress your kids up like Ewoks and waddle into your local zoo!

If you’re in old Sacramento, hit up the Sacramento Zoo for free photos and special admission with membership. Or if you’re an Arizona resident, you can receive $3 off at the Odysea Aquarium to watch underwater lightsaber fights. I know what I’m doing today!

3. Free $10 Gift Card From Target

When you purchase anything Star Wars-related from Target, they’ll hand you an extra $10 just for spending $50.

Pick up your lightsabers and call me ASAP so we can see who wins – the light or the dark side?

4. Free R2D2 Lego Set

This little astromech is by far the coolest character in the entire series. I mean, he saves Padme and Anakin in Episode Two after some questionable decision-making; saves Han, Luke, and Leia in episode four before their squished doom; and in episode seven, he completes the map to find Luke Skywalker, saving the rebellion. Pick up a free R2D2 set from the Lego Store with a $50 purchase and get double VIP points on all purchases made. Lego Store, here I come!

May the Fourth Be With You: 10 Sweet Star Wars Savings Hacks5. Be Geek and ThinkGeek

This is probably my second favorite deal on the list. ThinkGeek offers 20 to 60 percent off all Star Wars items online today, and they have some of the most unique Star Wars items out there. This includes an R2D2 french press (which I own). If you’re into Selfie Culture, their lightsaber Selfie Stick is 90 percent off.

6. Geek Up Your Wardrobe

Half my closet is filled with Star Wars clothing. From t-shirts to dresses to super-cute cardigans, I’ve used sales and coupons to level-up my attire on the cheap  – and you can, too, at Sears! T-shirts are more than 50 percent off, with styles that are feminine enough for any girly Star Wars geek.

7. Build-a-Star-Wars-Bear

Your little ones will love snuggling up next to Darth Vader Bear at night with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the galaxy is theirs. Receive a free lightsaber with any Build-a-Bear purchase of $50 or more. This means you can change up Darth Bear later on. I mean, there’s still good in him, right? I know it.

8. May the Fourth Be With You on

If you’re a collector like me, you’ll be more excited than Chewie in battle when you see these deals. While not everything is free, there are collector’s items like figurines and ships available for 25 percent off or more. The die-cast figurines start at $10 today (I have eight), and with any purchase of $14.95 or more, you can pick up a super-cute limited edition BB-8 pin.

May the Fourth Be With You: 10 Sweet Star Wars Savings Hacks9. Save The Galaxy With BB-8

When Episode 7 hit theatres, audiences across the globe fell in love with the spunky, soccer-ball-ish BB-8. Before the movie even came out, though, was Star Wars Friday in September 2015. For the occasion, Sphero released a mobile-phone-controlled BB-8. It sold out instantly – and there weren’t even any sales on. Today, though, you can find BB-8 rolling through the interwebs at 20 percent off. This little robot is too legit to quit, and so’s the deal!

10. Buy Mother’s Day Cards and Get Free Stuff

This deal blows the rest out of the water. Mother’s Day will be here next weekend, and we know you have yet to buy Mom (or wife/baby mama) a gift. Head over to Hallmark and buy all your Mother’s Day cards – or enough to add up to $15 in purchases – and receive a free, limited-edition pin set (for lanyard nerds). On the other hand, mom can wait, and when you spend $15 on Star Wars products they’ll take 25 percent off.

Seriously though, I have a lot of R2D2-Do’s today, and these deals won’t spend my money for me!

Hit the streets in your Star Wars Day attire today, and celebrate the clash of dark and light. Who’s side will you be on today – the deals, or…? For more galactic deals on Star Wars Day items, check out and tell us which Star Wars deal you took advantage of on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

May the fourth be with you – and tomorrow, don’t forget about the Revenge of the Fifth!