New Year's Day: You Don't Have to Wake Up Broke, Hungover, Unhappy!
Jan. 1, 2016: You Don't Have To Wake Up Broke, Hungover, Unhappy

New Year’s Day: You Don’t Have to Wake Up Broke, Hungover, Unhappy!

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Smart ways to save your money – and your sanity – on New Year's Eve.

So 2016 came, and now it’s gone. Almost. As always, this week we have been inundated with television specials that reminisce about the year that was, reminding us of people who we’ve lost, and highlighting all the bad news that we hope will not be repeated in the new year.


For me, New Year’s Eve is tricky because it can set you back financially and start you off hungover, broke, and unhappy in the new year.


But wait! It does not have to be this way. Here are my five tips to help keep your New Year’s Eve affordable and fun.

1. Shop Your Closet


The issue of what to wear has driven many a fashionista crazy.




See what you already have and repurpose the different components. If you’re a woman who doesn’t usually wear statement jewelry, borrow a statement necklace from a friend and make your outfit “pop!” Don’t be afraid of adding color or go for a simple and chic outfit in black. Wear your hair differently and rock your makeup.


If you’re a guy, pull out one of your jackets, wear some nice cologne, trim your beard or shave. Pull together a look that your friends and family wouldn’t expect. Make sure your shoes are nicely polished and you’re ready to roll.

2. Enjoy Some Home Cooking


Instead of eating out, eat dinner at home, and if you’re over 21, enjoy a glass of wine at home before you leave for the night. If you prefer to eat out, consider going for tapas or pho. All of those meals will fill you up and are easy on your pocket.

3. Find Free Events


Where to go becomes the next problem for would-be festive-goers. If you’re looking to keep expenses low, consider finding free events in town and avoid going to a random bar. If you feel like spending some cash, check out events that have a prepaid entrance fee and an open bar option so that you pay once and are set for the night.

4. Plan Your “Get Home” Strategy


Perhaps the most daunting task to manage is the logistics of transportation on a night when everyone and their mother is out having a good time.


How in the world are you supposed to get to where you’re going and return safely without paying an arm and a leg? Taxis and ride-sharing costs more due to demand.


You can manage transportation costs a couple of ways:

  1. Agree on a designated driver and make sure to give that person money for gas and for her trouble.
  2. Use public transit. In many larger cities, public transit will be free of charge.


If the latter is an option in your city make sure to triple check how late your train or bus runs, travel in groups for safety, and have your car parked somewhere that is safe and easily reached after you get off the bus.

5. Stay Home


The last option is to stay home. Many people would prefer to avoid dealing with large groups of people, driving around town, and going out. So instead of hitting the town, you could throw a themed potluck and ask your friends and family to dress up and bring the different components that will make your house party rock! Offer to let people sleep over in order to encourage people to stay safe.


New Year’s Eve can be a ton of fun but don’t go broke for one night. Start 2016 hangover-free, with money in your pocket, and with great memories of the night prior.