Experts’ Terms Of Use

Terms of Use for Experts on CentSai

Acknowledgement of and adherence to these Terms of Use (the “Expert Terms”), as well as the CentSai Terms of Use (the “Terms”) and the CentSai Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy” is required for those who wish to register and post as an expert on (an “Expert”).

Failure to adhere to the Terms, Privacy Policy, and/or Expert Terms shall be grounds for termination as an Expert and removal from the site.

In the event that these Expert Terms and the Terms or Privacy Policy conflict, these Expert Terms shall control.

Plain Language; Educational Purpose.

CentSai’s purpose is to promote financial literacy. Experts should assume site users have little or no financial background. Blogs and postings should be written in plain language appropriate for an audience with little or no financial knowledge. Complex financial terminology and jargon should be avoided. Terms other than very basic terms should be defined.

The site is intended to be educational in nature. Experts may not recommend or suggest specific products. Instead, elaborate on pros and cons of strategies so the user gets a clear picture of the answer.

No Advice or Solicitation.

Experts must not offer any advice or make any statements that could be construed as advice. Experts must make clear that any information posted on the site is educational and/or informational in nature, and that users of the site should consult a professional for individualized advice.

Soliciting is prohibited. Users may choose to contact Experts if they wish to do so. Under no circumstances is the Expert allowed to directly ask that a user contact them.

Expert Content.

Any content provided by Experts (“Content”) is subject to editorial review prior to being posted. Content that does not conform to CentSai’s vision, is overly technical in nature, or in other ways does not meet CentSai’s intent for the site will not be posted. CentSai is under no obligation to post any Content. All posting of Content is at CentSai’s sole discretion.

Content becomes property of CentSai when posted. CentSai provides no compensation to Experts for any Content. CentSai may, at its discretion, chose to highlight Content on its page, and display or not display Content.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Expert acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible for any Content it posts to the site. Expert assumes all risks related to such Content, including without limitation a third party’s reliance on such Content, or any claims of infringement of a trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property right. As set forth in the Terms, CentSai shall not be liable for any Content provided by Expert, and Expert shall indemnify CentSai for any damages resulting from Content furnished by Expert.

Experts may repost elsewhere blogs submitted to CentSai not sooner than 48 hours after posted on CentSai, proved that they include the tag “Originally posted on” with each and every reposting.

By posting Content that has previously been published elsewhere, or which Expert did not personally create, Expert represents and warrants that it has the rights and licenses to publish such Content, and shall provide proof of such upon request.

CentSai reserves the right to remove any Content at any time for any reason, or to edit any Content for clarity. Language inappropriate for a general audience is not permitted.

Reader Content.

Answers to questions are provided by CentSai’s readers as well as Experts. Experts should never contradict the reader community or other experts. Experts should limit their answers specifically to the question being asked, never to other postings.


As consideration for CentSai granting Expert access to and use of the site, Expert agrees that CentSai may enable advertising on the site, including in connection with the display of any Content or related information. CentSai may also use Content to promote CentSai, including its products and content.

Look and Feel.

CentSai reserves all right in the look and feel of the site. CentSai reserves the right to format any Content to adapt it to the look and feel of the site.

Amendment to Terms, Privacy Policy, or Expert Terms.

CentSai reserves the right to change the Terms, Privacy Policy or Expert Terms upon posting to the Website.