Trice Pruitt, Author at CentSai
Financial Expert

Trice Pruitt

I am a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in optimizing personal 401k portfolios. What does that mean? It means that there is a good chance your 401k is losing money that could otherwise be captured. This loss is typically caused by selecting fee-laden funds and by not having the right mix of investments. (The “right” mix is different for everyone. This “mix” is called asset allocation.) My specialty is to identify the “right” mix of investments for you, based on your risk tolerance and timeline. Then I select the individual funds that will get the job done with the lowest possible fees. Investments are not like high quality shoes: you don’t have to pay high prices for quality investments. This would allow you to keep more of your return, regardless if the market goes up or down. A fee reduction of only .005% can save you $100K in the long run. This is the power of compounded interest! At the same time I will explain what you have invested in and how much of a volatility you could expect. I find this to dramatically reduce the stress caused by the inevitable dips in the market.