Russ Thornton, Author at CentSai
Financial Services Professional

Russ Thornton

My name is Russ and I’m a fee-only financial advisor focused on helping women. When I was a young adult, I watched my parents go through a divorce that left my Mom in a life she neither planned nor expected, and she suffered financially because of it. I never want to let another woman go through that again. My Mom wasn’t ready for the financial burden of divorce and starting on her own in middle-age. But divorce isn’t the only thing that can throw us off our charted paths. Losing our spouses. Getting remarried. Choosing the single life after marriage. Whether out of choice or circumstance, these are all changes that can throw our financials into a tailspin. But no matter what curveball life throws, don’t you want your finances to be ready for it? After watching my Mom piece together her new life, I vowed to spend the rest of my life helping women like her. I’m not here to give you advice because I think a man can do it better. I’m here to help you in the way that I wish someone would have helped my Mom. I saw firsthand what unexpected life events can do and I want to provide support for women to make sure they come out on the other side financially healthy. Are you ready to live your best financial life?