Pam Capalad, Author at CentSai
Financial Expert

Pam Capalad

A few years ago, I had a very long, difficult conversation with a friend that will go down as another sad story about someone else who was fleeced by a financial advisor.It reminded me why I do what I do.Financial literacy education isn’t about investing in the stock market, or starting a business, or budgeting, or credit cards. It’s not about making sure you’re with the right bank or having the best interest rate or making the right investment choices.It’s about empowering people who are normally made to feel vulnerable or weak or helpless, it’s about empowering you to take control and recognize that you have the knowledge and confidence to find true freedom and happiness. It’s about educating you enough to know who to trust not just with your money, but with your livelihoods.I’ve devoted my life to financial literacy. I devoted my life to it because I don’t expect you to do the same. I devoted my life to financial literacy to help you get to THAT place in your life. You know that place. That place where you close your eyes and feel perfectly at peace and energized all at the same time. That place where you know you’re at your best, that you were somehow built for this, this thing you’re doing that you can’t believe you get to spend your life doing.Life isn’t about cringing every time you run your credit card through a cash register or dodging calls from bill collectors. It’s not about the next paycheck, next rent check, next job, next in line. Life is about finding your why.So here’s the deal – You tell me your why, I’ll tell you your how.How do you find the bank that won’t charge you $12 a month for keeping your money? How do you start to pay off your student loans? How do you start saving up for your dream apartment? How do you plan for the next six months of inconsistent income? How do you set your life up so you travel 3 months out of the year? Helping you find the answers to these very big questions - this is MY why.