Nobby Kleinman, Author at CentSai
Financial Services Professional

Nobby Kleinman

"I don't want financial planning advice, insurance or investment. I just want to know, how do I manage my daily money?" This is what women had always asked me and the answer was simple, so I thought. Spend less than you earn and pay the highest interest debt first. But the blank look on their faces told me that wasn’t enough. They wanted a push button solution. After 20 years as a financial adviser I left when the industry when it became bogged down in compliance and regulation. After taking off 2 years I wanted to return to financial advice, but in a different capacity. The comments these women kept making to me was the catalyst for a revolution. When I couldn't find a solution, I developed one and it's called Money Rules and it’s a paradigm shift in personal money management. Today I enjoy working with women in the main because they are often the ones who are marginalised in relationships especially around money, and bear the burden of life within a family. Women often succeed where many men fail because they will follow a proven plan and stick to it.