Nicole Coope, Author at CentSai
Financial Services Professional

Nicole Coope

For some people, "Money" is a topic that people love because they feel secure, confident and empowered. For others, (and dare I say most people), money is a topic to avoid, hate or fear: fear they do not make enough money, hate over the differential between the rich and poor, overwhelmed with personal debt, or embarassed about poor money choices. If you relate to the millions of people that do not feel confident or peaceful when it comes to money, than it is time to make a change. My goal for you, is through the methods of Financial Therapy, you will: fall in love with your finances, become confident with your ability to manage money well, and empowered to use your voice in any conversation regarding money. My name is Nicole Coope and I am a Work-Life Balance Expert and Financial Therapist. I have taken over 15 years experience as a Corporate Project Manager, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Collaborative Law Divorce Coach, and Certified Money and Marketing Coach to help hundreds of people become financially empowered so they can thrive. We can work together individually, with your spouse/partner, or at the corporate level. I connect with people mainly through my website, but you can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Looking forward to talking with you.