Jon Hood, Author at CentSai

Jon Hood

I am an attorney and have been in the startup space for years. My early dreams of becoming a public defender did not go the distance after the 2008 economic crisis. I took up the role of a general counsel for a new company and fell in love with working new firms, their energetic owners. In 2014, I started my own firm, focusing on startups. One year and 50 clients later, I met Doria and Arindam and have been working with them since. I believe CentSai provides sorely needed information and support, especially to young adults. I have seen them grow and how they have been developing their platform and I have no doubt CentSai will be a household name in a short period of time. I live in Jersey City with my wife Carol and our pet rabbits. In my coveted spare time, I enjoy running, gardening, and hoping against hope that this will be the year the Washington Redskins will make it to the Super Bowl.