Jason Vitug, Author at CentSai
Financial Expert

Jason Vitug

"Everything I do. I do with a purpose." - Me Author of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. When I was 10 years old I remember Oprah saying, "Don't take a 'no' from someone who can't give you a 'yes'." I might be paraphrasing but even at that young age I understood what this meant - do not let those who cannot open doors for you, block you from entering. This idea helped shape my actions that led to many successes in my life. I grew up in an inner city and attended NJ's largest public high school, I was class president, played sports and a champion orator. I paid my way through undergraduate school working 60+ hour weeks. I went from cleaning toilets, serving drinks and working late nights at Newark Airport to Vice President of a $110MM financial institution in Silicon Valley. I'm a natural innovator, goal-achiever and compassionate leader. I was once described as possessing "compassionate determination." I'm an entrepreneur. A social influencer. I believe in helping others by empowering them with knowledge and tools. I'm a micro-finance enthusiasts helping entrepreneurs worldwide.