Evan Sachs

I have loved language and storytelling from a young age, and there are few things I enjoy more than grammar. (I will happily argue with you at length over comma placement or tell you the history behind the different spellings of “amuck.”) As such, I have always been an avid writer and editor. But at age 15, I discovered another form of storytelling that I had never thought to explore: video. I fell in love almost immediately. This newfound passion followed me out of high school and into college. I found myself studying film at Oberlin, with a minor in Rhetoric and Composition (or, to put it in normal terms, “communications”). Being an Oberlin student meant always having an adventure – from directing theater shows and joining the circus to studying abroad at Prague Film School. And now, after graduating in 2014, I hope that I can help bring readers (and viewers) on small, informative adventures on CentSai, both through written word and through videos.