Financial Services Professional

Dave Bowman, CFP®

Intentionally or not, we tend to express ourselves in many ways through how we earn, save and spend our money. I've found one way to promote harmony in life is aligning our money habits with our values and goals. Like most behavior change, learning the concepts is not too hard but putting them into practice is a lifelong pursuit and it's often "about the journey, not the destintion." I took my first steps down the path of personal-financial nerdom in 2011 in a introductory Family Financial Services class at The Ohio State University. Since then I've been a student of financial planning and an advocate for financial wellness, given comprehensive planning advice to high-net-worth clients for 3 1/2 years, volunteered extensively to help my peers be better planners, started my own outsourcing company to support ethical financial planners, and tried to implement what I've learned in my own life.