Cait Howerton, Author at CentSai

Cait Howerton

2019 FPA Diversity Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CFP® Certification | Financial Coach | LGBTQ+ Money Specialist | Student Loan Expert | Podcaster | > > > > > Most people have a complicated and emotional relationship with money, relationships, and love. As a Financial Coach and Candidate for CFP® Certification, Cait helps her clients uncover their ideal life goals, navigate their values and money beliefs, and help shift their behavior to achieve their dreams. Because money plays a crucial role in most aspects of an individual’s daily life, it is imperative to understand and acknowledge the relationship between identity, diversity, and finance. Cait has chosen to pursue Financial Planning because she believes all individuals should be afforded equal access to Financial Coaching and Financial Planning. As a lesbian Financial Coach and Planner, she strives to provide each of her clients equitable access to the tools and information which are necessary for them to understand their financial options, most effectively manage their money, and accomplish their financial goals. Cait's ideal niches include the XY Generation, LGBTQ+ individuals, and progressive and unconventional professionals. Her additional interests include Trauma-Informed Financial Practices, Emotionally Focused Therapy, LGBTQ+ advocacy, podcasting, and her golden retriever Charlie.