Ally Invest’s newest online stock management tool is a low-cost managed portfolio. Ally will help you select and maintain one that’s best suited to your goals. It customizes each portfolio based on your personal goals, your timeline, and your risk tolerance. Their easy-to-use tools help you keep track of how your savings are growing and returns on specific investment.

Ally doesn’t charge trading fees for managed-portfolio customers. In fact, you don’t even need to go to the online investment platform to buy and sell. When you set up automatic contributions, Ally invests the money for you based on the allocation you set at the beginning.

Beginners need just $2,500 to get started with a managed portfolio account, and as they gain confidence, they can continue to invest more.

Ally Investment Tools

  • Low-Cost Portfolio Account Management
  • 24/7 Financial Customer Service
  • Investment Updates on the Dashboard
  • An Online Portfolio Manager That Leads to Smarter Investments
  • Online Stocks and Shares Platform
  • An Online Investment Platform Where Beginners Become Pros

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