The Result: Integrity provides an opportunity to harvest our full potential. A lack of integrity degrades our skills, our abilities and our internal resources.

Dictionary Definition: Integrity is the state of being whole and complete; whole thing is working well, undivided, integrated, intact, and uncorrupted.

Matthew Ferry‘s Interpretation of The Landmark Forum‘s Definition:
Complete transparency. Meaning, we have nothing hidden and we are truthful and honest at all times.
Reliability: We do complete work and we work from an empowering context and we do what we do very well, to the best of our ability
Doing it as it is meant to be done or better and without cutting corners. (doing it as it is meant to be done vs just getting it done to get it done)
Honoring our word.

a. Doing what we know to do.

b. Doing what we said we would do.

c. Doing it on time.

Doing what others could expect us to do even if we haven't said we would do it.
Saying when we are not going to do something as soon as we realize that we are not or if we are not going to do it on time.

Written by – Manish Chanda, MBA CentSai, Inc.